Singing is an amazingly expressive international language. Tegan’s Singing Studio caters for all ages, from beginners to advanced. Our singing lessons cover all elements of singing including vocal and performance skills. It is recommended that students start off in private lessons. This allows us to assess each student’s ability and find an appropriate group if required.

We believe that group lessons are important in helping build confidence by performing individual songs in front of others in the same class. It is also a great way to meet others who share the same passion for music and work on some fun group songs exploring techniques such as working with harmonies! Group sizes vary from 3 – 6 students. All of our teachers use creative teaching techniques to make every lesson fun and educational for each student!

At Tegan’s Singing Studio we believe that building confidence is one of the most important parts of singing. Students are encouraged, at their own pace, to develop their confidence by participating in our performance opportunities whether it be our mid-year and end of year concert or our Youtube channel. We believe the best way to improve your performance is by performing!